About us

About Unique Agate

Hey there,

Welcome to Unique Agate ? as the name suggest you will get lot of products which are unique like ?you? & suits only ?you?. Every gem in our portfolio is so minutely manufactured to ensure your happiness on every penny invested.

Here is what Unique Agate Stand for : A company handled by women?s with a aspiration to be successful in life & abide on below commitment?s

  • Creating benefit together with High Quality Products.
  • What we do is lasting & at delight prices.
  • We are where we needed by ensuring quick responses.
  • We make hassle free life by easy modes of payments.
  • Every word utter on delivery is commitment.
  • Listening & After Sales Feedback are our lifeline.
  • Ethics, Society&Environment is presence in our basic roots.

Hello from Unique Agate ( That?s me! )

My name is Rahila Vohra, and I am responsible for your delight. ?I may use big words at time, but I?m simple gal who love to simplify complex stuff.

I love myself & it was my passion to join my forefather business and here I did it with blessing of all!!!

The company Unique Agate is located in Vadodara, is the third largest city in the Western Indian State of Gujarat, India also called ‘SanskariNagari’.

This being our family owned business started by my Grandfather more than 60 years ago hence we are 100% confident to deliver you best product keeping all you requirements intact.

Birth place for Agate is Khambat& hence we have full manufacturing set up there from eras.

Unique Agate is the leading manufacture and Export for all types of agate metaphysical and new age stones. We are also into business of retailer and Whole seller. We export all our world like USA,Japan ,Spain, Israel, Italy, New Zealand, Netherlands, Germany and many other countries.

We have full experience in this business transaction and our products are as per International Export Quality Standardsas our goal is minimum 85% exports.

Stone we offer

Amethyst, Aventurine,Amazonite,Amber, Aquamarine,Blood stone, Banded jasper,Blackobsidian.Blue lace agate,Blacktourmaline,Crystalquartz,Cormelian,Cetrine, Camel jasper,Chyrosphrase,Charite,Chrysocolla,Dalmationjasper,Dumortierite,Greenaventurine,Goldenquartz,Greenfluorite,Garnet,Howolite,Honeycalcite,Kynite,Lapislazule.Labradorite,Mossagate,Moonstone,Milkyquartz,Pinkopal,Rosequartz,Rubyfuschite,Rubyzoisite,Redjasper,Rodocrosite,Rodonite,Rubykynite,Smokyquartz,Sodalite,Spinal in matrix,Sugilite,Tigeriron,Yellow opal and many more